Exercise to Improve Gut Health

Exercise to Improve Gut Health

The importance of gut health, and specifically healthy gut bacteria, has really taken centre stage in terms of it’s wide ranging effects on overall health and disease resistance. We are now seeing research that adds gut health to the list of benefits associated with physical exercise.

Exercise is a healthy choice no matter how you choose to look at it. It may seem strange, but exercise can really help improve your digestive health. Both bacterial diversity in the gut and regular exercise are important when it comes to health.

Exercise serves a role in promoting the right balance of microbes. We’ve long known about the benefits of exercise in general, but it turns out that its impact in weight loss and management isn’t just about burning more calories.

A new study uncovers the effect that exercise has on our health by adjusting the balance of the gut microbiome. That doesn’t mean preparing your body to run a marathon, it’s about taking simple steps every day to better health. It shouldn’t be something you hate or have to force yourself through; it’s actually less beneficial (and maybe even harmful) that way.

There’s actually a reasonable amount of evidence that gentle, non-stressful exercise is therapeutic even for serious gut diseases. Yoga in particular has been studied for IBS and IBD, and it seems to have a significant benefit as long as the participants keep it up. A few reviews have suggested that this is thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of regular exercise, but exercise could also work by modifying gut flora composition or by a combination of several different mechanisms. Regardless, there’s evidence that it helps, and it’s hard to see how it could possibly hurt.

So it’s quite clear that exercise brings significant positive changes to gut bacteria, and improving your health.

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